CNC-Fab 4 Line Feed kit - 7.3L (L99-2003)

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4 Line Feed kit

Upgrade your fuel-system with 4-line-feed fuel-line kit designed to eliminate the infamous "#8 injector knock and fuel starvation in the #1 and #8 cylinders" during higher RPMs and heavy throttle while towing.  This kit also eliminates the parker-style Vibralok fittings who's o-rings are prone to failure and are quite the bottleneck for fuel delivery to the galley (in the heads).

CNC Fabrication’ Fuel Bowl Delete option really cleans up the engine valley area, allowing better access to the high pressure oil pump and lines.

This kit will also fit the early '99 model year trucks, but you NEED to have the NON-EBPV (deleted) turbo pedestal, and it will also work with T4 mount turbo setup.