WDI Premium Injector (Set of 8) 6.0L (2003-2007)

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WDI Premium Injector

Here at WDI we want to offer our customers nothing but the best.  We are now offering a new and improved Premium Injector line.  This package will include: new solenoids, new spool valves, new plunger springs, new poppet springs, all new hardware and professionally refurbished nozzles.  

These injectors, like all others, will be flow tested and every o-ring will be replaced.  Each injector must pass 4 tests before being shipped out to you.

Warranty: 2 year part only warranty

Includes: Warren Diesel Stock OEM Replacement Injector Set (8)

Core Options:

Send In Cores First  We will not ship out your new injectors until we receive your cores. 

Core Charge - Pay an additional $600 until we receive your cores. Must send within 30 days.

**Will ship within 5-7 business days.*