Full Force Injectors (STAGE 2) - (180CC/80% - 180CC/100%) - 7.3L (94-03)

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Full Force Injectors (STAGE 2)

*Approximate HP of injectors with chip. Some injectors require more modifications to see this number.
  • Stage 1 up to 350hp
  • Stage 1.5 up to 380hp
  • Stage 2 up to 400hp
  • 205cc up to 425hp
  • 238cc up to 500hp

Recommended for this injector:

  • Moderate towing
  • Light towing
  • Fuel economy
  • Moderate Performance increase
  • Stock turbo/Slightly upgraded turbo/Complete turbo upgrade
  • Stock transmission/Moderate transmission upgrades


** Please note- a custom tuned chip is required to make these injectors work properly in your truck. Injectors ship within 2-5 business days.**