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Control your 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke with the BD-Power 2023144 Turbo Mount Exhaust Brake. BD has been installing exhaust brakes on the Powerstroke since day one and set the standards for the amount of engine backpressure. Our tests revealed an extremely durable engine top end. The hydraulic lifters easily open the 140# valve springs. The forty pounds of backpressure the exhaust brake creates is far below the engine peak pressure. 

Thousands of exhaust brake installations over the years have proven this engine. This BD Exhaust Brake simply replaces the stock rear portion of the waste gated turbine housing. The BD Exhaust Brake incorporates BD's exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and piston ring sealed butterfly shaft that have proven to stand up to the exhaust emission environment. The brake incorporates BDs exclusive Variable Orifice technology, where the spring loaded piston in the powerful 3" vacuum cylinder or the air cylinder is compressed by the offset stainless steel butterfly once the peak retarding pressure is achieved. 

Features & Details:

  • Rugged, Cast-Iron Housings 
  • Stainless Steel Butterfly Shaft
  • BD Exclusive Variable Orifice Technology
  • Provides Up To 150 Retarding Horsepower 
Please Note:
Will not work on early 1999 PowerStrokes (build date 03/21/99 and earlier)
Fits stock turbochargers and some drop-in turbochargers that use the factory exhaust back pressure valve. 
It is suggested to also install a lockup controller for electronic controlled lock-converters, or, a lower stall converter for manual or non lock-up converters