Grizzly Performance FICM 58V (2003-2007)

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Grizzly Performance FICM 58V 

All Grizzly FICMS are “Plug and Play” and loaded with latest Ford strategies. 4-pin and 7-pin FICMS are interchangeable. Grizzly FICMs utilize proprietary modifications that make the 58V upgrade reliable and free of error codes. All FICMs are tested with proprietary bench-top engine simulator.  Grizzly Performance FICMs are load tested with 6.0L injectors in order to re-create actual load conditions. Grizzly  also simulates relevant engine parameters such as RPM variability and temperature conditions from cold start to normal running temperature.

Power Hungry Performance FICM Programming; all Grizzly FICMs can be upgraded with additional Performance. FICM Tuning can resolve many cold start issues, improves tip-in throttle response, eliminates injector post buzz and works with most ECM Tuning. 

Custom Tuning Options:

ECONOMY – Improved throttle response and economy without any significant power gains. Good for all applications, but generally used when the ECM has a high horsepower tune and additional fueling is not desired.

ATLAS 40 – Improved throttle response and economy with a 40 HP gain. Useful for mild to heavy towing or when excessive exhaust gas temps (EGTs) are a concern. Good for trucks without head studs. 

ATLAS 80 – Improved throttle response and economy with an 80 HP gain. Best for daily driving or very light towing. 

HERCULES – Maximum performance with a 100+ HP gain. Not recommended for towing as it can increase EGTs. It’s recommended you run an EGT probe to monitor temps. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TRUCKS WITHOUT HEAD STUDS.

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