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Add water-methanol injection to any diesel in any state with the 50-state legal Snow Performance SNO-50100 Stage 3 Boost Cooler Water-Meth Injection. Water methanol injection will increase your horsepower while improving mileage by giving your fuel more complete combustion. This water methanol injection kit comes with the VC-50 controller (52mm gauge) that is designed to mount on the dashboard or steering column and allows you to custom tailor the OLED screen with 7 colors to choose from (Red, Orange, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple). This controller also functions as a boost gauge while also displaying percentage of injection, secondary nozzle activation, prime button, and fault codes (Clogged Line/Broken Line/Pump Failure/Solenoid Failure) if your water-meth injection kit isn’t functioning as it should.

This Snow Performance SNO-50100 Stage 3 Boost Cooler Water-Meth Injection Kit uses the 2D mapped VC-50 controller to command injection based on boost pressure and EGTs to maintain cold air inlet temperatures. Starting and full throttle injection points can be adjusted to allow you to customize the engagement of water-methanol to suit the needs of your engine while towing to increase mileage. Also included in this kit is a 300 PSI Ultra High Output pump, 7-gallon reservoir, mounting hardware, anodized aluminum straps, fittings and either quick connect red nylon tubing or -4AN braided stainless-steel line.  

Features & Details:

  • 65HP+ Gains
  • Made In the USA
  • 7 Gallon Reservoir Tank
  • Lowers EGTs 100-300 Degrees
  • VC-50 Controller LED Alert System 
  • 50-State Legal - (C.A.R.B. E.O.).# D-723)
  • 1/4" High Temp Nylon Tubing or -4AN Stainless-Steel Braided Line