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Industrial Injection race series Power Stroke injectors are currently running in the fastest 7.3L Powerstroke trucks today. Race series injectors provide a huge boost in engine performance and come in five different power levels. Industrial Injection remanufactures and calibrates Powerstroke injectors on site. Sold as set of 8 

120CC/15% - Race 1 injectors are about 60hp over stock injectors. The R1 injectors give the 7.3L added horsepower intended for pulling big loads and better fuel economy.

160CC/20% - Race 2 injectors are about 80hp over stock injectors. The R2 injectors are build for the daily driver who tows an occasional load. Minor modifications such as intake, exhaust and turbo ugprades are suggested when running these race injectors.

230CC/20%- Race 3 injectors are high performance injectors intended for racing and tractor pulling. The R3 injectors are capable of 500RWHP when the truck is setup correctly. Major modifications to the fuel supply system, oil supply system along with engine and turbo charger upgrades are required when running these race series injectors. For off highway use only!