KDD Cam Complete Upgrade Kit - 6.0L (2003-2007)

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 KDD Complete Cam Kit

All cams and lifters have been tested for quality control before shipping out. You can select a stage 1 KDD cam or a stage 2 KDD cam. 

Stage 1 - Sock Plus - Ideal for factory replacement, heavy towing applications, maximizes efficiency from Idle-3500 RPM, from stock to 190 cc injectors, stock turbo up to stage 2 VGT turbo.

Stage 2 - Street Performance - Ideal for the  modified street truck looking to maximize efficiency from 1600-4000 RPM, perfect for stock to 330cc injectors, hands down our most versatile camshaft.  Works well for towing but really shines on hot street trucks from 2k-4k rpm. Proven itself in daily driven applications to 1000+ hp street/strip applications.

Features & Details:

  • Billet Stage 1 or 2 Cam
  • New OEM Lifters
  • New OEM Lifter Guides
  • ARP Crank Hub Bolts

**Adding the 6.4 pushrods to a 6.0 is recommend for higher performance**