Odawgs Diesel S3R Intake Manifold - 6.0L (2003-2007)

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S3R Intake Manifold

Are you looking for quicker spool up, cooler egts, and more power? Then you NEED THIS! The S3R intake manifold has increased the efficiency of the whole system. The casting was made slightly larger than stock with much better air flow. We have tested the S3R on the dyno and have seen numbers reporting an increase of 27 horsepower and 83ft/lbs of torque. In addition to, quicker spool up and cooler egts! You will need to re-route your oil cooler coolant hose.

Specs & Benefits:

  • 46% More AIR FLOW!!! Only a 2% difference from front to rear cylinders in air flow!!
  • Fully cast design
  • 100% Designed and Made in the USA
  • Custom cast bungs on the top of the intake to ensure a 100% seal with an o-ring plug
  • 150-250 degree EGT drop
  • Quicker Spool Up
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Supporting mod for more power
  • Retains EGR Valve.


**Please contact us by email if you want to order a custom color.  We try to keep a few color options in stock but custom colors must be provided by the customer and can take 2 weeks**

NOTE: Offroad and competition use only

If you have not rerouted your coolant lines, here is a quick video to help with installation: