Oil Cooler Flush Kit - 6.0L (03 - 07)

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Oil Cooler Flush Kit

Make backflushing the oil cooler part of the preventative maintenance in your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke with the 6.0L Oil Cooler Flush Kit XD278. An excellent way to maintain proper function of your cooling system, the XD278 is a permanently installed backflush valve that allows you to flush the oil cooler in your truck. Once the valve is installed, all you need is a standard garden hose and some fittings to complete the job. Many 6.0L Powerstroke owners are on their second and third oil cooler trying to combat issues such as high temperatures. Rather than replacing the oil cooler each time debris accumulates, the 6.0L Oil Cooler Flush Kit gives you an easy way to eliminate the hassle of replacing the oil cooler saving you time and money. How It Works: The XD278 installs in place of the coolant discharge cap on your factory oil cooler. During normal operation, the valve will thread up providing you with increased coolant flow, and in the backflush position it is threaded downwards to seal against the oil cooler outlet. In backflush position, the XD278 will then accept a garden hose for a complete oil cooler backflush. FEATURES: Black Anodized Finish. Flushes Debris From Oil Cooler. Durable Aluminum Construction. Uses Standard Garden Hose & Fittings. Note: Garden hose and fittings are not included, but can be sourced at any local home improvement store.