PPT Remanufactured G2.8 Injector 6.0L (2004.5-2007)

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PPT Remanufactured G2.8 Injector

Alliant 6.0L injectors are the pinnacle of where price meets quality to get your Powerstroke performing the way it should. Unfortunately, due to the original design of the 6.0L injector, they have an extremely high failure rate that leads to hard and no start situations, rough idle, white smoke, poor fuel economy and poor performance. Alliant offers these injectors that are remanufactured by PurePower, an OE injector manufacturer, and backs them with a 24 month, UNLIMITED mileage warranty.

Features & Details:

  • Remanufactured by PurePower Technologies
  • 100% new coil and harness assemblies with vented slot technology
  • 100% new spool valve
  • 100% new connector
  • 24-month, unlimited mileage warranty in Ford Applications. Warranty covers parts and flat rate labor.

**NOTE: Designed for use in engines built AFTER 9/22/2003**