Warren Diesel DIY Kit - 4r100 Transmission (Comp)

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Warren Diesel DIY Kit - 4r100 Transmission (Comp)

The Warren Diesel Comp Transmission DIY KIT for Ford Powerstroke 4R100 (7.3L 1999-2003.5) includes the following:

*Our pressure plates are made of 4140 high carbon steel.

*All Clutches are Raybestos GPZ Extreme clutches.

Low reverse: +2 additional clutches, 8 Steel and 8 Clutches. (Stock transmissions come with 6)

- Upgraded snap ring

Forward pack: +2 additional clutches, 6 Steel and 6 Clutches (Stock transmissions come with 4)

- Upgraded snap ring

Direct pack: 7 Steel and 7 Clutches. Others Offer 8 but We offer 7 to retain thickness in the pressure plate. Too thin of a pressure plate will warp under load. 

- Upgraded snap ring

Overdrive Pack: 4 Steel and 4 Clutches, Upgraded pressure plate.

 -Upgraded Spiral Snap Ring, huge upgrade over stock.

Intermediate Pack: 4 Steel and 4 Clutches. Factory Pressure plate is very weak,  We provide a much thicker one.

- Intermediate sprag is a 45 element, much stronger than stock.

All gaskets seals and O-rings included.

Trans go Shift kit included in kit.

Coast clutch upgraded snap ring included.

427 Power Valve to ensure proper line pressure.