XDP Powerstroke Solution Kit with Black Diamond Head Gaskets "18MM) 6.0L (2003-2007)

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Solution Kit with Black Diamond Head Gaskets

The XDP Powerstroke Solution Kit with Black Diamond Head Gaskets gives you the components needed to address many of the common issues in your 2004-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. The Solution Kit is designed as a "fix" for the issues with stretched head bolts, blown head gaskets, elevated temperatures from clogged oil coolers, and clogged EGR coolers. XDP's sourced the most popular components and put them together in one kit so you can do it once and do it right.

There's no need to put another cooler back on the truck to fail the same way the factory unit did. The XDP EGR Cooler has an upgraded design with larger diameter internal passages to increase flow. Unlike the factory EGR cooler that has a stuffed fin design. The best part is that this upgrade retains full use and function of the EGR system on your truck. No aftermarket tuning, or modifications are required for installation.

ARP makes the best fasteners in the industry. Found in many applications from purpose-buit race vehicles to daily driven trucks. With their unrivaled strength, the ARP Head Studs eliminate the head gasket issues caused by the stretching of the factory head bolts. Upgrading to ARP Head Studs adds reliability and durability to your 6.0L Powerstroke.

The XDP Heavy Duty Oil Cooler is included in the Powerstroke Solution Kit. This Oil Cooler is a direct replacement and features the same revised design as the factory unit to help minimize the chances of Oil Cooler failure.

The Factory Oil Cooler Screen is built from a cloth material that is known to break down over time. The included revised Oil Screen is built with a stainless steel mesh and is considerably more durable than the originally installed Oil Cooler Screen.

To complete the Oil Cooler Installation, the XDP Oil Cooler Gasket Set is included. Manufactured to strict quality standards, the XDP Oil Cooler Gasket Set provides you with a perfect fit and seal just like the factory components.

This Solution Kit includes Black Diamond Head Gaskets featuring a layered stainless steel design that is coated with a fluoroelastomer (rubber) coating. Black Diamond Gaskets are specially made to reduce cylinder head lift to maintain a superior combustion seal.

18mm Alignment Dowels (XD288) - Manufactured September 30, 2003 - Jan 11, 2006 (verify that the icp sensor is located on the passenger side valve cover above the glow plug control module).
20mm Alignment Dowels (XD287) - Manufactured January 12, 2006 and newer.

Because you need to tear your truck down to install the XDP Solutions Kit, we include the gaskets you need to put your truck back together. Additional seals and gaskets such as the intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets are included for a complete installation.

XDP EGR Cooler, ARP Head Studs, Black Diamond Head Gaskets, XDP Oil Cooler Kit, Oil Cooler Screen, Oil Cooler Gasket Kit, Intake Gaskets, Turbo Bolt & O-Ring Kit, and Ford OEM Exhaust Gaskets.

Features & Details:

  • Solution Kit
  • Increased Reliability
  • Black Diamond Head Gaskets
  • Addresses Multiple Common Failure Items